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i3DPB provides a quick and easy solution for play design, play simulation, and the creation of digital and printed playbooks. i3DPB is the third innovative playbook creation application by Aaron Kyle Design & Development ( All three have blended the latest and greatest technologies (available at the time of their release) and a lifetime of football experience (playing & coaching). One of the most important features of i3DPB is that it enhances both the teaching and learning of the game of football. i3DPB enables players and coaches to learn/teach plays, assignments, and areas of responsibility via a 3D environment. Proper alignments and spatial relationships between other players are vividly displayed from any perspective or position.

Formations and Alignments are pre-defined by personnel groupings. This enables a "coach" to quickly set up offensive formations and/or defensive alignments with a single click. After a selection, any player can be moved with a simple drag of the mouse.

Over 100 different "Player Actions" are defined for each player. Simply click on an action and it is drawn for that player. If you prefer to draw your own plays, turn the "Whiteboard" feature "on" and use your mouse to draw right on the field from any camera view.

Play simulation is another key feature of i3DPB. Every drawn "Play Action" is associated with a motion path. This feature provides a simulated view of play designs, defensive coverages, and blitzes. Line blocking and line stunts can also be simulated. Any drawn play using the "Player Action" commands can be saved, loaded, and edited. Coaches and players can share saved plays via email.

Other features include :

  • "Coaching Points" - text labels which can be added and moved to any location.

  • Change uniform and helmet color to represent your team or your opponent.

  • Completely integrated user documentation.

  • Independent video display at each end of the field (GSN Videotron). 

  • The ability to take a "snapshot" of your drawn play and save it as a .jpeg file. This enables the incorporation of saved images into virtually any word processing, presentation, or graphics application.

  • The game of football hasn't changed much over the last 150 years, but advances in technology have allowed us to see it and learn it from a whole "new" perspective.